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If Christian marriage help is what you're looking for, you've come to the right place!

  • Have you ever had to deal with the turmoil of infidelity?
  • Have you ever had to face the almost physical "punch in the gut" of hearing that your spouse betrayed your deepest trust?
  • Is your marriage on the rocks because you no longer know how you can live with the spouse you once loved?

We were in your shoes...

14 years ago, after 28 years of unhappy marriage, 7 years of divorce, my husband Ronnie, and I were remarried.

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Since then, 37 cumulative years of pain have been wiped away. We have spent the last 12 years teaching married couples (and singles) how to avoid the mistakes we made and broken couples how to recover the hope of loving heroically and completely.

We have no skeletons in our marital closet (as a matter of fact we have no closet) because we made a decision a long time ago to be completely honest about the things we went through and the lessons we learned.

I hope you will find this website to be your most useful Christian marriage help resource.

Nothing you're going through in your marriage right now is so desperate, so hopeless and so unique, that someone hasn't gone through it before you and lived to see their joy return.

Our divorce reconciliation story (opens in new tab or window) bears witness to the fact that God can fix any marriage no matter how broken.

This website is for you if:

  • If you're looking to recover the love for your spouse that you once had;
  • You're Seeking healing from infidelity and betrayal
  • You need to recognize infidelity warning signs
  • You need to save your marriage or repair a relationship
  • You desire Christian pre-marriage counseling
  • Have questions on marriage reconciliation
  • You want to light a romantic flame in your marriage

In the sections below you will find Christian marriage help resources as well as pre-marital relationship resources for any situation.

Our Christian Marriage Counseling Pillars

  • We believe in the 3-pillar biblical marriage model; that marriage is a covenant (clause-free binding agreement) between God, you and your spouse.
  • We believe that it is possible both to restore your marriage and to take it to newer heights of commitment, communication, understanding, and enjoyment.
  • We believe in Christian marriage as both a contributor to, and an expression of, your highest self.
  • We teach people to be individually accountable to God, themselves and their spouses first, and then to the world.

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The difference between our Christian marriage help and values-neutral marriage counseling is that our approach helps you (and possibly your spouse) live up to the responsibility you have to live your best life, to love freely and heroically, and to be all you've dreamed and suspected you could be.

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Christian Marriage Help Resources and Directory

Marital Communication Resources

Resources for Preventing Or Healing From Infidelity

Christian Marriage Counseling Resources

Resources for Getting Your Spice Back
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  • Marriage Counseling Retreat- Directory
  • Christian marriage retreats
  • Christian Marriage seminars
  • Christian Marriage Books
  • Sex in Christian Marriage
  • Christian marriage sex- Two worlds - spiritual and natural

Christian pre-marriage counseling and resources

Healing from Infidelity and emotional abuse
The Healing from Infidelity illustrated in this video and book will change how you view the possibility of marriage and divorce reconciliation. I highly recommend it.
Christian marriage counselors who've gone there and done that!
Contact the Christian marriage counselors who've been through it all!
The Christian Marriage Blog From The Couple Who've Seen It All | Marriage Advice Articles
Now you don't have to miss any of the new resources, articles and tools on recovering from infidelity, marriage and divorce reconciliation and romance tips. Enjoy!
Intensive Marriage Counseling Online (phone) | Denver Christian Counselors
Our intensive marriage counseling online (by phone) or LIVE with Colorado experts who also experienced reconciliation & healing from infidelity, cheating, emotional abuse and divorce.
Christian marriage counseling tips: What To Look For
Christian marriage counseling tips - Counseling is not just reading a bible AT you. Here are some specific questions to ask before you settle on a pre-marital or marriage counseling
What to Look for in Premarital Counseling
What to look for in premarital counseling will give you 7 tips that should guild you to the right counselor
Making Marriage Work - Why It Always Takes Two Even When One Spouse Is Unwilling
Making marriage work always takes two. It is difficult to have a great marriage when spouses are not doing everything they can to make it work.
Why Marriage Counseling Fails | Is Your Relationship Counselor Making Mistakes?
Why marriage counseling fails is often due to a mix of issues. If you're asking, "Does marriage counseling work?", your choice of therapist or counselor can lead to success or failure with coaching...
Marriage Counseling Mistakes - A Christian Couples Relationship Coaching Angle
Marriage counseling mistakes are all too common according to the Denver Marriage Counseling Experts, who have been through traumatic marriage & divorce reconciliation and now help couples deal...
The World's Greatest Counselor | Power Behind Biblical counseling in marriage
The greatest counselor in the world? Yes! Despite our own dramatic marital journey, we put ourselves aside and follow the Holy Spirit leading...
Encouraging Words Give Life To Your Relationships
Encouraging words, empowering and uplifting words, speak life to relationships and help you, your spouse and marriage.
Living Healthy In Him - Christian Couples Events, CO, GA, FL, TX, Nationwide
Living Healthy In Him - Christian couples and women's ministry events in Denver, Atlanta, Dallas, Florida, Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston. Based on biblical insights from Titus 2 and other insights
Affordable Romantic Getaways that can infidelity proof your marriage.
Affordable Romantic Getaways will give you 7 Affordable Romantic Getaways that will keep the fire burning in your marriage.
Celebrity Solstice Review - Romantic Cruise Ship | Romantic Cruise Getaways
This celebrity solstice review comes from my having over 22 cruise ship vacation getaways under my belt. In our remarriage, romantic cruise getaways have been a mainstay...
The 5 love languages
Understanding the 5 love languages and practicing them will help you avoid marital distress and keep your dream marriage intact.
Anger management tips | Marriage counseling Denver | Christian marriage help
These anger management tips were inspired by our dramatic story which was watched by millions on the 700 club. Anyone who's gone through what we went through and survived, would know some things.
Causes of Infidelity - Routine Love making and other common excuses
Causes of infidelity gives you some insight as to why some people have sex outside the marriage weigh it for yourself
Advice to Married Men Who Cheat but Want to Stop
Advice to married men who cheat but want to stop will give you men ways to escape the pleasures of sin,
7 Christian Dating Myths that trip up christian singles
Surprisingly common Christian dating myths that can destroy your life!
5 Marital Communication Killers That Could Be Deadly For Your Marriage!
These marital communication killers are surprisingly common in marriages. Learn how to recognize these unintentional and harmful love language patterns.
Marital communication with the love languages
Marital communication: Recession-proofing Your Marriage. Free advice from the marriage counselors who've been there and done that.
Relationship Repair or Bail how you know enough is enough
Relationship repair or bail will give you concrete counseling instructions on when to bail out of a dating relationship
How to deal with infidelity without losing your dignity
How to deal with infidelity without losing your dignity (or your mind) from someone who's been there, done that, got the scars, the T-shirt, and the victory!
Does Marriage Counseling Work?
Does marriage counseling work? This is one of the most frequently asked questions for couples in distress. The short answer is...
Foundations of a Dream Marriage: First Things First
Hoping for a dream marriage? First things first, read this article so you can recognize the principles of a strong marriage and go through the stages of love with knowledge of what makes love endure.
Forgiving and forgetting infidelity- Hindrances to moving past the past
Forgiving and forgetting is not only possible, learning how to forgive is the will of God for you
Emotional And Verbal Abuse - How To Recognize It And Do Something About It
Emotional and verbal abuse - How to recognize it in all its overlooked and hidden forms. From our story, you know that we've been through and seen some of the worst emotional abuse situations...
Emotional Infidelity is Real and Dangerous
Emotional infidelity often begins with "harmless flattery" and can end up in marital disaster.
Financial infidelity
Financial infidelity is one of the infidelity warning signs that often precedes or accompanies sexual infidelity
10 tips to be a good listener
10 tips to be a good listener and learning how to listen to your spouse
Forgiving infidelity can only happen when you learn how to forgive in general
Forgiving Infidelity through Christ will only happen when you learn how to forgive anything and anybody. Here are 12 steps...
Infidelity and Divorce are not inevitable
Infidelity and divorce are not automatically linked. Do you know that adultery does not always have to end in divorce?
Infidelity Warning Signs You Must Recognize
Infidelity warning signs - Such overlooked factors as financial infidelity and others on this list...
Physical abuse headlines seem to never stop
Physical abuse headlines like the Chris Brown-Rihanna headlines beg the question. Is physical abuse ever...
christian premarital counseling
What to look for in christian premarital counseling will give you 7 tips that should guild you to the right counselor.
Sexless Marriage And Communication
Sexless marriage - How poor communication becomes physical
case for abstinence
The case for abstinence will give you several critical reasons for abstaining from intercourse before marriage.
Saving a marriage in crisis- the easy way!
Saving a marriage on the rocks is often a question of knowing what not to say and having the strength to say what needs to be love!!
Divorce Reconciliation the necessary foundation that must be laid for success
Divorce Reconciliation points out the necessary main ingredients it will take to reconcile after a divorce.
Rebuilding Burnt Bridges
Rebuilding Burnt Bridges will point a finger in your face and help you look at yourself after a divorce to see what may be hindering you from living your best life now.
Alcohol Abuse Symptoms the life you save may be your own
Alcohol Abuse Symptoms gives you heads up on symptoms to look for in your in your spouse, boy/girlfriend, family members, friends or yourself and how to pray.
What a Man Needs
What a Man needs will give wives practical insight into how to please their husbands everytime.
Why do men cheat?
Why do men cheat will give critical check points for wives to be aware of about themselves from a wife who was cheated on and a marriage counselor's point of view.
Getting your spice back learning how to light a fire behind closed doors.
Getting your spice back prods couples to go beyond the mundane and to heat up your love life X 10.
Christian Marriage sex two worlds
Christian Marriage Sex Two Worlds gives couples a clear description of the Christian Marriage Bed.
What a wife Needs will make it easier for husbands to keep their wives happy and loving them forever
biblical divorce
Biblical Divorce, break up touches on WHY divorce was ever introduced in the Bible.
Looking for Sugar Daddy
Looking for Sugar Daddy will define the term and Tell you why he is Not what you should look for.
Alcohol abuse effects - what you think is your secret is all over your face!
Alcohol Abuse Effects will show you how the adverse effects of alcohol abuse can destroy your life and someone else's.
Marriage Myths
Marriage Myths will correct some faulty ideas some have about marriage.
Dating Your Spouse while keeping the marriage hot
Dating Your Spouse will give you 10 Dating Ideas that will help you remember why you married in the first place.
Infidelity Redemption forgiveness is available
Infidelity Redemption will help those caught up in the web of infidelity know that there is Hope. They can repent and God will pardon.
Infidelity and Finances
Infidelity and Finances demonstrates how this behavior negatively affects your finances, credit and livelyhood.
pornography destroys
Pornography Destroys illustrates how pornography destroys your life and the security of your family
Kind Words - What's In A Word?
Kind words - "What's in a word?" should be a question you ask everyday if loving communication is a priority for you. If not, well our "Bad Example" first marriage shows what can happen.
Make Love Often | Christian Marriage Sex Advice
Make love often if your marriage is strong and you want to solidify it even more. God created sexual intercourse for
cheating women
cheating women explores why women cheat
Blended Families
Blended Families will help married couples successfully come together
Serial Infidelity
Serial Infidelity will help couples identify and define this compulsive behavior
7 tips to prevent infidelity
7 tips to prevent infidelity will help you prevent mistakes that can lead to infidelity
Refuse to Take Offence
Refuse to take offence will help you to get past constant conflict and promote conflict resolution
Forgive will give you all the reasons you should and what it does for you
Forgive Yourself
Forgive yourself by yielding to the power of the Holy Spirit. Yes even infidelity, lying, cheating, adultery, fornication and addictions.
Christian marriage articles from the Hope Specialists who've been there...
Tons of christian marriage articles, huge banks of marriage counseling articles and other marriage help resources
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